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The all NEW Side Charging Handle for your AR-10

The all NEW HC-10; Side Charging Handle for your AR-10/AR308 Rifle. By Camaron Hillman; Pres./CEO Devil Dog Concepts Finally, after years of demand and different design after different design, we were finally able to come out with the Side Charging Handle System for...

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{VIDEO} Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger ~ Rex Reviews

Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger ~ Rex Reviews USE CODE "REX10" to get 10% OFF at the DevilDogConcepts website! Scope: Use this link for the PA COMPACT PLX-1-8x24MM FFP... If you use this link, you will get a free mount AND free shipping! Scope...

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Service Benefits Consulting – Part 2

Follow Up – Veterans Consulting and your Service Connected Benefits. Now I know this took a while for the follow up.  I am a procrastinator.   It took me a while to finish things up with them and get the results.   My fault, believe it or not.  I delay more than the...

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Home Security for Boosting Value and Curb Appeal

Home Security for Boosting Value and Curb Appeal This guest post was provided by Cheryl Conklin of Wellness Central, a website dedicated to helping people improve their health and their lives. Home security can be a major selling point in today’s real estate market....

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Service Benefits Consulting

Service Connected? [You might not be getting the most out of your benefits] The veteran consulting group is? doing some good things to help you get the most out of your benefits and the benefits you deserve.   My Disclaimer First disclaimer for me; I have no...

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AMERICAN RESISTANCE AR15/AR9 TAKEDOWN PISTOL CARBINE By Michael Souza; USMC SSgt., Owner of American Resistance & Black Rifle Customs What’s the hype with AR15 Breakdown pistol’s?  Is it just a fad or trend that will come and go...

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{Video} Rex Reviews: Parable of the Rifleman

Parable of the Rifleman - The Spiritual Implications of Long Range Shooting USE CODE "REX10" to get 10% OFF at the Devil Dog Concepts website! Long range rifle marksmanship explained spiritually. 🙂 Yeah, that's right... the Bible is FULL of similar analogies... so...

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A Question, Advice & a Prediction

A Question, Advice, and a Prediction for our Law Enforcement and our Military Service Members By Marcus – CEO – Modern Spartan Systems Hi Fellow Patriot In life there are times to step out, prepare for and accept the risks, and do what is right.  This is about being a...

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Patriotism – The MAGA movement

Patriotism – the MAGA movement – Unity - Loyalty By Marcus - CEO - Modern Spartan Systems As we stand up to fight against the assault (war) on our country, our world, our culture, and on our God-given humanity, the question is WHO is the leader that we should be loyal...

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