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The TRUTH regarding Pressure, Velocity, Oil, and Accuracy Oil™

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The TRUTH regarding Pressure, Velocity, Oil, and Accuracy Oil™

By Marcus – CEO – Modern Spartan Systems

Like the name of the product itself (Accuracy Oil™), the claims are controversial.  That said, we want to talk with the people that matter – the guys that shoot guns.  Lots of gun guys are smart.  They are passionate, knowledgeable, innovative, understand lots of the math, physics, science, and practices involved in using firearms and bullets.  Guns are tools, and we all want to get the most out of them.  Here, we are going to provide some fascinating insight into a belief that many shooters have about pressure, velocity, and oil in that is used to lubricate firearms.  Then we will set the record straight when using Accuracy Oil™ in place of any other lubricating oil.

Sometimes we get comments like what is below.  It is a good and understandable comment that reflects what many shooters believe.  That said, Accuracy Oil™ is an outlier formula that provides vastly superior firearm performance and a lot of valuable benefits compared to anything else on the market, that defies these beliefs.

Basic Formula info Before we get into the Response

The name Accuracy Oil™ contains the word oil because it has oil in it.  What you need to understand is that the oil has nothing directly to do with reducing friction, unlike every other gun lube on the market.  The oil is the carrier for the molecules that bond to the metal to cut friction (by 90%) and leave a low stick surface.  It is the bus that drops off the “magic makers” and then goes away.  By the way our oil (our bus) goes (wicks) everywhere that it is placed, even to the tight spots or underneath corrosion.  The key takeaway is not to view Accuracy Oil™ like you would other oils.

Addressing Comments on Pressure, Velocity, and Accuracy Oil

As you may know we work with lots of ballisticians, gun manufacturers, military and LEO snipers, PRS and other competition shooters that fully endorse, use, and recommend our products (people like Charlie Melton, Rex Tibor, Brad Stair, Jacob Friend, Joshua White… (with more coming on-board all the time).  Many of them initially had doubts about putting an oil in their barrels (regular oils will not work), but after learning more about the unique chemistry, and then using and seeing results for themselves, they almost universally have become big supporters.

The simple explanation is this.  The pressure does not change – the resistance to the pressure drops.  When shooting a gun that has been deep cleaned with Carbon Destroyer™, then treated with Accuracy Oil™, we see many positive outcomes due to how it lubricates and bonds to metal.  Some of these benefits are that velocity goes up, standard deviation and spread rate numbers improve, and shot groups tighten, particularly well in factory rifle barrels or barrels that have a fair amount of wear.

On the physics side of this we are looking at a reduction of friction, not at pressures.  Our testing has shown a reduction in friction by around 90% (no one else that we know of can do this).  With or without using Accuracy Oil™ the pressure remains the same, but the metal is microscopically smoother and offers less resistance as it travels down the barrel (we are improving the surface of the barrel, not the bullets).  Also, the harmonics are quieter, meaning the movement of the bullet from getting micro-bumped around is less.  Think of it this way – if a plane was taking off from a smooth runway vs. a bumpy runway, the smooth runway will produce a cleaner and better launch.  We are effectively launching the bullet from a smoother runway.

Below are more technical responses to the comment above from some true experts.

What he’s saying is true, to a point.  In nearly all cases, these shooters are using custom made hand loaded cartridges anyways, so they would determine what was necessary for their own usage. This is the most important thing to keep in mind on this topic.

In regard to what he’s saying though, he’s drawing an improper conclusion based on an incomplete set of data.

The main friction that a projectile undergoes in a rifled barrel is compression friction. Compression friction and material friction are different items. If a projectile is softer, it compresses easier and therefore generates less pressure. Moly coated bullets travel at lower velocities for the same charge typically, because they are made of soft, nearly unalloyed lead (BHN8 instead of BHN11.3 for standard lead rounds), with a thin plastic coating. Copper jacketing (bhn14+), or hardball lead, does not compress as easily as soft lead or plastic. Therefore, the compression friction factor for any off the shelf or hand load will remain consistent with improvement over an untreated barrel. What Accuracy Oil does, is minimize the material friction. In other words, it allows that compression friction to be the only relevant source of friction. This means the effects on pressure are negligible, but it allows the projectile to accelerate through the stage of compression more smoothly. This thereby increases the rate of acceleration while also maintaining a smoother transition through harmonic stages in the rifle barrel. All of this allows it to improve shot to shot consistency in the areas of velocity and accuracy over factory loads in standard barrels and actions. This benefit is measurable on both items, whether you are firing lead or copper jacketed projectiles, as the compression friction will remain the same as an untreated barrel. 

Additionally, those same bench rest shooters he mentioned would be able to go much longer times between cleanings.

Jacob Friend – physics and ballistics expert


“Yep. Basically, when a bullet is fired the base try’s to pass the tip. Similar to throwing a spear from the end. The harder the bullet the longer the pressure builds before you overcome the surface tension. Barrels are not smooth after a few firings and this rough surface combined with copper and powder fouling increase the pressure a bullet has to overcome to start moving. To our ear it sounds like one spontaneous event when a bullet is fired, but it is actually millions of tiny shifts as pressure builds and the bullet moves forward. This action can be felt when a cleaning rod is used on a squeaky clean barrel. The tight cleaning rod skips and squeaks down the barrel. Accuracy oil fills the rough voids in the barrels metal decreasing this surface tension and aiding in a smoother transition from breach to muzzle by the bullet. The main difference between accuracy oil and coated bullets is accuracy oil covers the entire barrel and is inside the metal. Much smaller than any available bullet coating that rides on top of the metal between the bullet and the bore. With accuracy oil there is no risk of changing the performance of a barrel in a negative way. If a barrel is already accurate it only has the possibility of being more accurate with the use of accuracy oil.”

Josh White – ballistics expert


We have measured proof that velocity in high velocity rounds increase by up to 80 to over 100 FPS and in sub sonic rounds the velocity decreases. This was measured by an ammo manufacturer of sub sonic rounds. He actually said the product was great to use to bake onto his Bullets to make the subsonic rounds quieter through a suppressor. 

Another point is what happens to the Accuracy Oil molecules when they bond to the metal and give the barrel a .000002” diameter increase that is supposed to mean 2 millionths of an inch tighter on the bore of the barrel. This in itself would keep the velocity up due to the added trapped gasses that cause the extra pressure that is not lost around the bullet to push it down the barrel due to tighter bore diameter. Just a thought. I’m just a force pressure and area oil guy not a gun guru like some of you are.

Scott Drummond – top hydraulics engineer, racing and firearms industries

The key takeaway is that when you remove the contaminants and deep clean your firearms with Carbon Destroyer™ and Copper/Lead Destroyer™ (proprietary GREEN cleaners), then perform the “Spartan break-in” and regular use of Accuracy Oil™ (and Accuracy Grease™ in key spots), you are making your firearms better tools, and can expect the enhanced performance results.  What we tell people all the time is, “try it for yourself, you will be very glad you did.”

Blake is a career military sniper and competition shooter.  He was able to bring his shot group down from roughly .75 MOA to .25 MOA.  This allowed him to win 1st Place in his last event.

Please feel free to send your thoughts and comments to me.

Marcus Kahn – CEO Modern Spartan Systems

847-669-1640 – [email protected] 

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