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Follow Up – Veterans Consulting and your Service Connected Benefits.

Now I know this took a while for the follow up.  I am a procrastinator.   It took me a while to finish things up with them and get the results.   My fault, believe it or not.  I delay more than the VA.

It was actually quite easy and very surprising at the things you can qualify for.  Many things we just deal with and go on about our day can just happen to give us some added connection benefits and put a little more in our pockets.

The process was straight forward.  They charge based on how much of an increase they get you.  They will walk you through refiling of your current connections and advise when the VA comes calling for screenings.  Listen to the consulting group is my recommendation.  They know the game very well.

For new claims, they will help with starting process and what you need to do.  When claim decisions come back, that is where they will do the same as before with the current ratings and decisions to get the most out of them you deserve.

It was well worth it in my opinion.  They got me more than expected and it will really help.  Though, I am still going through some more of the process, I couldn’t be happier with them, their business and how they conduct themselves.

Hats off to Chris Murphy and his crew and at the Veteran Benefit Consulting Group.

If you are in the position, I suggest reaching out and having a chat.  Evals are free.

Stay Safe and God Bless!
Semper Fi

Camaron Hillman; Pres / CEO Devil Dog Concepts 

Devil Dog Concepts

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