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A Question, Advice & a Prediction

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A Question, Advice, and a Prediction for our Law Enforcement and our Military Service Members

By Marcus – CEO – Modern Spartan Systems

Hi Fellow Patriot

In life there are times to step out, prepare for and accept the risks, and do what is right.  This is about being a part of spreading a message and being part of the movement to protect our families, friends, our children, communities, and our country.  If you have not already, the time is now to choose to stand on the right and winning side for our freedom.  I will say that come judgement day, you will want to look Jesus in the eyes and without words, he will tell you “WELL DONE”.

Read this.  Make a decision.  Tell me what you will do!


You are the first “wall of physical defense” that will need to stand up against the tyranny overtly destroying the fabric of America and the world.  Let me start out by saying that the vast majority of you employed in the military or law enforcement have at your core a strong sense of justice, fairness, and the need to protect your family, community, and country.  This gift of being a “protector” and having this “call to duty” is a big part of how you are designed, and a calling from God.  It bothers you deeply to see evil people and corrupt systems, not get the swift justice that they deserve.  Outside of the easily manipulated Antifa and BLM mind-controlled useful fools, the vast majority of people in our country value, respect, and love you for what you do.

That said, if you are in the “protector” community, if you have not already done so, you will very soon be making a decision about where you place your true loyalty.  Will it be given to the higher ups in your command that have committed themselves to the people in power?  Or will it be to the American people and US Constitution – your inner conscience?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that there is an evil agenda full of lies, deceit, and corruption at the highest levels and of the worst kind that has been openly thrust full force onto the American people, and people around the world.  To be blunt, this is a cabal of satanic globalist pushing every button to create division, hate, and confusion.  The attack is on race, our borders, our economic system, our disjointed government/industrial system, our energy system, our monetary and banking system, the two-tiered legal system and law enforcement, our environment, our food supply, our supply chains, our media, social media, and entertainment, free speech, our language, the educational system, our sexuality and gender, the family, parental control, on our children (including unborn babies), and especially for a time like this, our right to bear arms, and at the very core of it all, our religious freedom.  These are egotistical satanic people that long ago sold their souls.  They HATE God, hate the Bible, shudder at the powerful name of Jesus, hate humanity, and will stop at nothing to control all the MONEY and all the POWER. 

We have all seen the corrupt media/social media, government, and indoctrination educational system propagandize and push the godless-communists agenda of hate, division, entitlement, and other lies designed to break down the ability of law officers to fairly enforce the law.  Seeds of racial injustice that are not based on reality, defund the police, demoralize police, open borders, opening up and commuting convicted prisoners, no-bail/no punishment for criminals, caused by corrupt money putting corrupt prosecutors into positions of power… on and on.  We can even see the partnership of the cabal of people in power with the cartels.  These are only some of the cabal’s tricks that promote lawlessness, drugs, human trafficking, and all types of heartbreaking tragedy that is being used to decimate our country that is supposed to stand for law and order.

The evil people determining policy for our volunteer military and law enforcement officers have deceived, forced, and mandated unwanted COVID vaccinations on these communities.  This was indeed by design.  This was immoral and none of their business, but for the sake of their agenda they did it anyhow via threat of termination.  Now we are seeing the horrific results for many who were given the tainted batches.  Nationally and worldwide the truth is coming out about their plan to weaken our security and begin depopulation.  The military leaders have pushed a ridiculous freak show of queer and trans-sexual acceptance (a psych-ops program targeting all of society) that is harmful in so many ways to the force that is supposed to protect our country and our rights.  The goal of the cabal is to promote ungodly, dehumanizing, perversion, and internal rot, into our fighting and protective forces.

Now you have law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal levels, including the FBI, Homeland Security, the Capital police, and other agencies raiding the homes at gunpoint of the political opposition.  They are mean, ruthless, bullies that like being dramatic for the camera.  We have seen this abuse with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, the planned and staged January 6th event at the Capital, with parents fighting for their parental rights against “woke” school boards, with the brutal arrests of pro-life protestors that were obeying the laws, and on and on.  All while the communists terrorists of Antifa and BLM criminals riot, terrorize people, steal openly, and have ZERO consequences.  The higher ups and law officers making these decisions, and the officers that submit to carrying out this agenda of madness instead of standing up against it (in unionized fashion) are shameful sellouts.  They have no morality or integrity.  They are the disgraceful horns of the beast that need to receive true justice forcefully handed to them.  Their days are numbered.  God will not be mocked!

I could go on and on, but unless you are still getting your info from the propaganda fake news, you all have eyes to see and ears to hear what is happening right in front of you.  Among all the hideousness of this evil plan to control all money and power, is the perverse attack on women and on children, including demonic sex trafficking and sacrificing of their lives by the people who truly think they are in power and by their minions.  What do you think abortion clinics do with dead babies? – harvesting people is as evil as it gets.  This is what we are up against.  The time to end it is very near.

In general, we the people, although sinners, are good.  We want to live a good life, do the right things, love our family and friends and country, and serve God/Jesus.  The other side is a relatively small, but powerful, group.  The war against them (God vs Satin) has been going on from the beginning.  Everything is about to be revealed.  The devil and all his human and non-human minions have been or will be crushed and thrown into the lake of fire.

The question is, as a military or law officer, what side will you be on???  You are either blind or cannot see what is right in front of you – time to pull your head out of the sand.  Or you have been corrupted, meaning you are evil and a useful idiot tool of the cabal.  Or you are a weak coward and would rather keep your job over doing what is right and trusting God to provide.  Or you will be a real man (or woman) and take a stand to uphold your oath to serve God and protect your country and our freedoms.

My prediction is that most of you have or quickly will put your loyalty in the right camp and fight for what is right.  Like our Founding Fathers and countless soldiers that fought for the rights that we are supposed to have, you will take a stand and do what it takes to defeat evil.  Some of you however will become like Judas because you will choose what looks like self-preservation.  If you do this, you will find out that serving the devil and the cabal has cost you everything.  Self-preservation may seem to some like the only option, but that would be a fools lie.  You will lose, you will die.  You will have pain, regret, and utter aloneness for eternity, yes eternity.  God always wins!

My advice is this.  Choose wisely to be on the Jesus team.  Choose NOW.  Be a leader, prepare and put you action plans in place, and start leading your peers to the right side.  Act swiftly and decisively.  Never back down.  Trust that God will provide for you and all of us.  The right team is the team of truth, justice, and love.  This will be a true reward.  You will have dignity and respect of us all, and God’s blessing forever!

I hope for all of our sakes that this will influence you to do what is right!

Important CRITICAL Thoughts

1)    The Second Line of Defense

At the very start of this message, I said that law enforcement and the military are the first line of defense.  There is a GIANT second line of defense.  It is the largest citizen unofficial, but lethal line of armed patriotic defenders in the world, and they/we have your back.  There rapidly growing numbers of somewhere between 50-80 million hunters, shooters, gun enthusiasts, retired military, and law officers, who are almost ALL 2A, pro American, pro-Constitution men and women of all races, backgrounds, and ages.  They/we are seeing all that is going on and are naturally passive about taking the law into our own hands but are now at the brink of taking action if certain lines, that are close to being crossed, are crossed.  This action is Constitutionally legal under the 2nd Amendment. This is a patriotic army that the cabal and corrupt leaders fear the most.  Once activated, the genie will not go back into the bottle until justice is served.  We are not Canada, or pre-WWII Germany.  We have the American spirit and will fight for our country and our freedom.  Again, we have your back!



Besides “the protectors”, the decision of loyalty will need to be made by every person in America (and on the planet).  The brain washing, the mind control, the psych-ops propaganda is being exposed and broken apart.  We have a proven leader, who many believe have been working for years with the military and other key people that has been sacrificially fighting, exposing, and winning the war against the cabal.  You can clearly see that God has appointed him for this task.  I believe the silly excuses for not supporting him like, “he is not Presidential” or “not liking his mean tweets” and so forth, are distractions.  When the war is raging, do you want General Patton or some kiss butt bureaucrat?  He is a sinful human (like King David) that is following God’s lead.  Without God’s protection, how could he (or his family) possibly stand up to the personal public war the cabal has raged on him?  Anyone who is disloyal or believes that someone other than President Trump can do the job, despite all of the truth and evidence out in plain sight, does not deserve the benefits of the coming victory.  Give your 100% support for Trump and Jesus, as we witness the end of this evil, perhaps the 1,000 year reign is what is coming!


3)    Who are we fighting?  Who runs the cabal? 

We all know that Biden, or whatever the heck it is that we are forced to look at that the media calls our President (and did not really win the election), is absolutely not making any of the decisions.  He and his family are complete evil sellouts. We all know the Democrat party has 100% aligned with and sold out to the CCP and the elite ultra-rich families and bankers…  We know about the Rhinos that make up a larger percentage of Republicans than we would care to believe.  We know the hideous filth like Soros, Gates, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum and its ilk, the heads of all the three-letter deep state/dark state agencies, the heads of many industries the heads of media and social media… We all know about the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and other illuminati families, the sex-trafficking filth running NATO and other nations.  What is harder to find out, but critically important to know, are the details of is who pulls the levers, and how they impose their agenda.  The below Mel K podcast is a critical watch.  It shines a light on the cockroaches and will expand your understanding of who, what, and how they are implementing the atrocities.  It will make you furious and fill you with Righteous Anger.  It will help and guide your prayers and decisions as to how to play your role in saving humanity.

This is one of the ways that I am contributing and doing my part to serve, my friends and family, my country, and my God – Jesus!

Marcus – CEO – Modern Spartan Systems

Marcus Kahn

p: 847.669.1640


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