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Smoke-pole: Sig M400 Tread, from local hardware store, no codes.

Sling: V-Tac 2-point

Torch: Surefire M640 DF

Mag: Lancer L5 and Brownell’s MILSPEC STD CAP

Flying-pokes: M855 Green Tip

Irons: Troy Battle-Sights

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What is a hard charger? The Hard Charger was developed maximize your efficiency, reliability and effectiveness operating your platform and was created from years of experience in Military & Law Enforcement. You don’t have to rebuild your upper receiver or buy a new rifle to have the side charging capability. Devil Dog Concepts’ Side Charging Handle System The HARD CHARGER (HC), mounts to a specific Picatinny rail slot replacing the existing charging handle, turning your rifle into a side charger.


No Machining.

No modifications.

Ergonomically Beneficial

Multiple Ways to Charge

Interchangeable from Rifle to Rifle

Non Reciprocating

Removes Stress on Roll Pin

Reduces Torque on Charging Handle

Field Strippable

Enables Use with Gross Motor Skills

Offers Plenty of Room for Mounting Optics and Sights

All variants of the Hard Charger; Side Charging Handle System are compatible with any Standard Forged Flat Top type design uppers.

Made of Mil-Spec Anodized 7075 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Impact Resistant Polycarbonate. Features a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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