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Patriotism – the MAGA movement – Unity – Loyalty

By Marcus – CEO – Modern Spartan Systems

As we stand up to fight against the assault (war) on our country, our world, our culture, and on our God-given humanity, the question is WHO is the leader that we should be loyal to?

There is a wicked agenda in plain sight to divide, fractionalize and weaken all people that oppose the globalist-communist forces, and now many of the truly “sleepy” are clearly seeing it.  However, the latest tactic that has been deployed by the corrupt media propagandists, that many are not yet understanding, is to target and circumcise our loyalty away from President Trump, the person leading the charge.  They have spotted a kink in the armor and snuck in an agenda that instigates the proposition that we replace President Trump as the leader of the Republican party and MAGA movement and make Governor DeSantis the 2024 presidential candidate.  This is about emasculating our character (and our strength) and is a very bad trap that we need to avoid. 

We need 100% solidarity to President Trump and to the mission of taking back our country and thoroughly destroying the forces opposing us.

To start, our first loyalty is to Jesus. Ultimately this is his war against evil and we are his soldiers at his command.  Based on connecting the dots on the big picture events and the fruits of how this movie is playing out, it is the belief of many that God has chosen his team and his leaders, and that President Trump has been uniquely put into the position he is in.  If this is true, consider it very carefully when deciding on where to place your loyalty!

Why would the opposition target breaking our loyalty to President Trump (yet again…)? Maybe because they know that he is the David coming to slay Goliath. That he is right over the target, has the team, the plan, the experience, the proven track record, the backing of “we the people”, and the standing with God, to complete the mission of not only removing them from power, but to finally impose justice upon them. He is the true face of all their fears, and they are deathly afraid of him (and of us).

It is easy to inject their venom into the minds of people who still see President Trump as the uncouth person who tweets mean things and is not-presidential enough for their liking. It is an easy swap in their minds to replace President Trump on the ticket for a tough, but tamer Governor DeSantis. It is an easily dropped bomb on many good-hearted Americans stoked by the media/social media to trigger the divisive loyalty fight. All Americans need to regain focus and perspective on the bigger picture as to why we uniquely need only President Trump in the role as the leader.


I believe many shocking truths will be revealed to all of us that overrides what we are seeing publicly, but that aside, take into consideration these points.  Trump has been loyal to America and beneficial for ALL OF US.  He has been campaigning non-stop for Republican candidates, with a huge success rate (even though the corrupt Republican leaders like McConnell… were derelict fools in running the election campaigns – why?).  He has been the fighter, the leader, the truth teller, unwavering, unrelenting, and consistent.  He has exposed and taken on the deep state/dark state corruption like no-one else, on behalf of a sleepy population of deceived and often times complacent people.  His courage and boldness is like a lion – I have never seen him back down or waiver. 

 He is a human, and sins like we all do, but has done nothing illegal or immoral as the President (like he has been famously falsely accused of doing over and over again). If he broken the laws, the evil side (that is what they are) would have hung him for it, and they have not been able to do this.  The accusations do not stick because they are all lies.  He has taken non-stop attacks from every evil and corrupt institution in our country (his family too).  He has gone further than anyone I can remotely think of outside of Washington and Lincoln… to protect our country and way of life.  He has done it via following the Constitutional/law-and-order way (his/our enemies have not).  He does not need to do what he is doing.  He does it for us and for a deep love of the USA – a TRUE patriot.  Do not mistake what he is doing as ego or power-hungry motivations to be the leader – if you believed so you are deceived.  He does this out duty, honor, and love.  Trump was groomed for and created for this whole purpose.  It is clear that only with God’s guidance, plan and strength could he do what he does.

DeSantis is 44 years old with “the right stuff” to one day possibly be the President.  He is a partial product of Trump.  Trump saw something in him, saved his career, and got him elected as the Governor of Florida.  He emulates Trump in many ways.  He is not prepared for the world stage, or ready to fight the deep fight that is going on at this time (he is a baby lion).  He does not know foreign affairs, national and world economic policy, have the national and international connections, or have the experience and business skills to run the country and be the leader of the free world.  He is not, that I know of, in the inner circle of heroes fighting the global cabal – Trump is.  In my opinion, DeSantis needs to be grateful and respectful.  He should not remotely challenge Trump at this time.  He should privately and publicly give 100% loyalty to Trump and the MAGA movement.  If he allows division over this to fester, he is showing the colors of disloyalty and self-ambition and will hurt both himself and the cause of restoring a broken and corrupt system.  It is not good to become a USEFUL TOOL of the elites.

As we go through this war, we need the uniquely qualified and forged leader to take and keep the helm.  We NEED to support him, and not jump ship at the trickery of the ones who want to divide us.  Loyalty, devotion, unity, and love are Godly qualities.  Being a turncoat is not.  I am and will remain loyal to President Trump until he turns the reins over to the next leader.  For the record, Trump may return to power in an unforeseen role!

Are you loyal or a ship jumper???

Marcus – CEO – Modern Spartan Systems

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