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Title: Of MICE and MEN

Topic: Universe-25, The Calhoun Experiment and the “behavioral sink” of a population. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Most people have never heard of the Calhoun Experiment and how it can correlate to the modern human race. But you know who has heard of it? Every government think tank around the world, and by studying this experiment, you can steer a population towards a predetermined outcome, managing the chaos, all the way down.

The Calhoun experiment was conducted by ethologist John B. Calhoun, on Norway rats between 1958 and 1962. In the experiments, Calhoun and his researchers created a series of “rat utopias” – enclosed spaces in which rats were given unlimited access to food and water, enabling unfettered population growth.

“Behavioral sink” is a term invented by J. Calhoun to describe a collapse in a population’s behavior. Calhoun coined the term “behavioral sink” in his February 1, 1962 report in an article titled “Population Density and Social Pathology” in Scientific America. He would later perform similar experiments with similar outcomes on mice, from 1968 to 1972. Other scientists have also recreated this experiment and have all had similar results.

Calhoun essentially built an artificial world for these rats and mice, where they had unlimited water, food, no predators, and also essentially an unlimited amount of living space.

They began to reproduce at an astonishing rate. Now, if you know anything about mice, they’re able to reproduce very, very quickly and the female can get impregnated immediately after giving birth, and so, they could produce a lot of mice in a very short amount of time.

Then the whole thing went into collapse at around 500-days. Which I’m not sure how that translates into human years

 It was a massive growth phase. Lots of reproduction. Population was doubling very quickly. Lots of mice. In this habitat, so to speak. And then it went into a stagnation phase where birth rates slowed down because they began to witness some aberrant type of behavior in this phase, which is what’s called the stagnation phase. This phase was quickly overtaken by what I would call the perversion phase, as they started to witness female rats taking over the roles of males. So there was a masculinity factor in the females, and then many males became more feminized. Some of them were isolated from the social construct of the mouse community. Some became loners, some of them were bullied by other male mice. The female mice started keeping to themselves and then there were mice that started being gay. Some mice were observed being bisexual and there were mice that started subverting the young through pedophilia, by having sex with the mouse pup’s. So as all these things started to happen, they were also accompanied with an increased acts of violence and a lack of socialization skills. Now during all of this, the newborns, the youth generation did not have to complete any life skills for themselves, as everything was provided. Kind of like it is now, in the modern world, where they say everybody’s a winner, there’s no losers. Where everybody has their basic needs met, a free ride.

Maybe a better way to describe it is, a mouse house welfare state, where no one had to work or compete to have food, water or to reproduce.

In the final stage, which is the collapse stage, or as Calhoun called it, the death phase of “behavioral sink”

The total population of the mice aggregate began to decline rapidly. In this phase, there were no more live births. The mothers abandoned the children, and didn’t raise them.  They would get pregnant, give birth and just abandoned them. In some observations the mother would be carrying a child and would accidentally drop it, and would just leave it and move on. At this point the mice broke off into sub populations, a type of self-segregation. Since they did not have to compete for resources, they did not have to really sort out social hierarchies, who was dominant, or who had control over which resources.  They ended up with these subpopulations of female mice that Calhoun called the beautiful ones. The beautiful ones weren’t interested in reproduction and had no children. The beautiful ones would spend all their time eating and self-grooming and sleeping. They would groom themselves, which is something that almost all animals do to some degree. They would groom themselves continually, so their fur looks fine, they look healthy, they look like leaders, they look like a successful member of the mice society, which is what we see in society today. We have a lot of youth that are focused entirely on themselves. A narcissistic life of taking selfies and obsessing over how they look, there outward appearances and posing for social media for instant self-gratification.

The female mice would groom, but they weren’t interested in sex, they weren’t interested in reproduction, and in fact, they did not reproduce at all anymore. At this point the population began to just die off. All the mice died, all of them, even with unlimited food and water, space, no predators and managed diseases. What caused the mass die off, was the lack of purpose and skills to survive.

The last stage of the existence of the mouse utopia “phase D”, or the death phase, as John Calhoun called it. The symbol of this stage was the appearance “beautiful ones”. These included males demonstrating uncharacteristic behavior for the species, refusing to fight and fight for females and territory, showing no desire to mate, and prone to a passive lifestyle.

The “beautiful ones” only ate, drank, slept, and cleaned their skin, avoiding conflicts and performing any social functions. They got this name because, unlike most of the other inhabitants of the tank, there were no traces of brutal battles, scars and torn fur on their bodies, their narcissism and self-admiration became legendary.

So, every point that came out of the Calhoun study is exactly what we’re seeing in society today,

  1. Advanced Society
  2. Abandonment of children,
  3. Homosexuality and bisexuality “transgenderism”
  4. Female taking on male masculinity
  5. Increase in violence
  6. Total lack of social skills
  7. Passive feminine males
  8. No desire to reproduce
  9. Prone to a passive lifestyle.
  10. Dependent on the hand that feeds

We have an entire generation of children right now that have virtually no social skills and do not believe in competition, everyone is a winner, equality means equal outcomes and that everything has to be adjusted to make sure there are equal outcomes and demanding that nobody would be promoted based on merit. Everything’s based on equality, which is what the mice had in the mice utopia.

Modern scientist took this as, overpopulation caused the demise of the mice, totally missing the real reason, thus the global push for depopulation. This is a twisted perversion of humanity. Look around you! Does the world seem backwards? What up is down is up, what’s wrong is right?

It transformed wild and healthy animals into lazy, self-absorbed, habitual beggars. Studies have shown that panhandling animals have a shorter lifespan. (maybe it applies to people too)

Calhoun himself saw the fate of the population of mice as a metaphor for the potential fate of humankind. He characterized the social breakdown as a “spiritual death”, with reference to bodily death as the “second death” mentioned in the Biblical Revelation 2:11 

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