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Title: Merica has fallen!

A direct attack on the sovereignty of America took place on January 10th, 2023.

This didn’t happen from a foreign adversary. This happened from within! Our own de facto government conspired with Canada and Mexico to create the Declaration of North America (DNA). This partnership created to effectively overthrow the sovereignty of our nation and usher in a NEW America. An America with no borders, a woke America, a vaccinated America, a Green America. All of which comes at the detriment of the citizens and empowerment of the government.

I am imploring you all to all read, from the White House’s own website; The Declaration of North America. Our sovereignty, our existence as Americans, can be ripped from underneath us if we do not take a stand. You can be patriotic to your country and your people, but still stand against the evil that these politicians force on the world.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), along with NATO nations are looking to implement a worldwide digital currency, where everything and everyone are tracked and traced. A world government where you will own nothing and have no privacy, a true dystopia! You wonder why Russia and other nations are willing to start World War three, this is why! They refuse to fall under the control of the WEF hegemony.

The White House’s great plan is to align itself with the country to the South, that is overrun by drug cartels and corruption. To align itself with the country to the North, that is handing out suicide pills to anyone that will eat it.

This is not a solution! This is not a merger of security and strength. This is a death nail in the coffin of America.


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