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Are FedEx and UPS being used as a Firearms Registry?

Situational update Dec. 04, 2022

FEDEX and UPS may be being used as a de-facto firearms registry by the Federal government.  By using shipping companies to do the leg work of the government, laws are subverted and warrants are not needed to gather intel on American citizens.  If this is the case a Class Action Lawsuit may be filed by thousands of businesses for damages.

If carrier services are being directed by a government agency to track and store customer information, this could be an even larger constitutional violation.

Attorney’s Generals from several states are now stepping in to and demanding answers!

The letter in the Link below was sent to FedEx and UPS by Austin Knudsen; ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MONTANA.


The letter to FedEx goes as follows;

“Dear Mr. Subramaniam:

I (Austin Knudsen), along with 17 other State Attorney’s General, write to request information about

FedEx’s updated terms of service for gun store owners. In recent weeks, several

Montanans who hold Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs) have reached out to my office

with concerns about your company’s updated policies. Specifically, they allege that

the new regulations allow your company to track firearm sales with unprecedented

specificity and bypass warrant requirements to share that information with federal


According to these reports, FedEx now requires FFL holders to create three separate

shipping accounts: one for firearms, one for firearm parts, and one for all other

firearm-related products. Under this three-tier system, gun sellers cannot mix and

match shipments, which reveals to your company whether they are shipping a gun,

gun part, or a gun-related item.

In addition to creating three distinct shipping groups, FedEx now apparently

demands that gun store owners retain documents about what specific items those

shipments contain and make that information available to FedEx upon request.

These demands, in tandem, allow FedEx to create a database of American gun

purchasers and determine exactly what items they purchased.

Perhaps most concerning, your policies allegedly allow FedEx to “comply with …

requests from applicable law enforcement or other governmental authorities” even

when those requests are “inconsistent or contrary to any applicable law, rule,

regulation, or order.” In doing so you—perhaps inadvertently—give federal agencies

a workaround to federal law, which has long prevented federal agencies from using

gun sales to create gun registries.1 But under these policies, FedEx can provide

information at will or upon request to federal agencies—information detailing which

Americans are buying what guns.

Finally, I’ve received reports that your new firearms shipping agreement contains a

gag clause. Specifically, your company allegedly instructs gun store owners that the

agreement is “confidential and shall be held in strict confidence by both parties and

may not be disclosed unless required by law ….”

Of course, this is very disturbing. I would like to provide FedEx the opportunity to

clarify these reports or provide any explanation for them. Specifically, I’d like FedEx

to provide a copy of these agreements to our offices and answer the following


  1. Did FedEx enact these policies with the goal of information sharing with

the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) or any other

federal agency?

  1. Did FedEx enact these policies at the request of officials in ATF, a different

federal agency, or on its own initiative?

  1. If FedEx implemented these policies at the request of a federal agency,

please identify that agency, the officials who made that request, the nature of

that communication, and any legal authorization cited by those officials.

  1. If FedEx changed its policies on its own initiative, please explain why it

made those changes.

  1. Did FedEx communicate or coordinate with United Parcel Service (UPS)

in making these changes?

  1. Did ATF or other federal agency employees help draft the updated shipping


  1. If your shipping agreement does contain a gag clause, please explain the

purpose of that clause and whether you intended it to prevent an investigation

into the legality of the agreement.

1 See 28 CFR § 25.9(b)(3) (preventing federal agencies from using the National Instant

Criminal Background Check System to create gun registries).

 Within 30 days of this letter’s date, please provide our offices with a copy of your

updated shipping agreement along with answers to the questions above.

Additionally, I recommend that you consider taking actions to limit potential liability

moving forward, including the immediate cessation of any existing warrantless

information sharing with federal agencies about gun shipments.”


End of letter.

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