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Sick and tired of having your AR wrench slide off the barrel nut and shred off some teeth?!

Wish there was something better?  Something designed to actually work on those extremely difficult barrel nuts that seem to be welded on?

The new Advanced Armorer’s Wrench is what you’ve been looking for!!

Brought to you by Rainier Arms and developed by Devil Dog Concepts and American Resistance Gear, this AR Wrench will completely change the game for you!!

The center barrel nut wrench design with the opposing curved grips, completely changes the ergonomics of how the wrench works.  This allows you to apply equal pressure to both sides of the nut, easily compress the delta ring, and use centrifugal force to create and get incredible torque without any concerns of slipping and shredding teeth!!

Built to last from 8620 Steel, Heat Treated and Plated, the Advanced Armorer’s Wrench also has a myriad of other improved features that make this product even more incredible!

  • Enhanced Castle Nut Wrench widened and redesigned to be applied in the same manner as a spanner wrench
  • 1/2″ Drive Slots for Torque Wrench
  • Takedown Pin Press
  • Enhanced Flash Hider Wrench
  • A2 Buffer Tube Wrench
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver for the A2 Buffer Screw
  • Built in Hammer
  • Hanger Hole
  • and even a Bottle Opener

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Camaron Hillman; Pres / CEO Devil Dog Concepts 

Devil Dog Concepts

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